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Túi ghidong Ortlieb / Handlebar Pack / 9L / Slate / F9931


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BAG TYPEsingle
INSTRUCTIONSDownload 9L, Download 15L
DATASHEETDownload 9L, Download 15L
360° VIEW360° View 9L, 360° View 15L
WEIGHT375 g | 13.2 oz, 420 g | 14.8 oz
HEIGHT16 cm | 6 inch, 20 cm | 7 inch
WIDTH45 cm | 17 inch, 58 cm | 22 inch
DEPTH16 cm | 6 inch, 20 cm | 7 inch
VOLUME9 L | 549.2 cu inch, 15 L | 915.4 cu inch



The waterproof ORTLIEB Handlebar-Pack is an indispensable item when you’re on a bikepacking tour in the great outdoors. Depending on the particular model, the Handlebar-Pack offers a payload of either 9 or 15 liters for your sleeping bag and pad. It also helps to secure a balanced distribution of gear and weight across your bike. Thanks to the roll closures at both ends, you can always gain quick access to your gear. Compression belts on the outside enable the stowing and attachment of additional equipment. Moreover, the Handlebar-Pack comes with four hooks to enable the attachment of an ORTLIEB Accessory-Pack for additional stowage space. Consisting of spacers and two strong Velcro straps, the mounting system ensures secure attachment to any handlebar type, including carbon handlebars. The pack’s stiffened interior and head-tube attachment offer additional stability – in any terrain.

The smaller of the two models belongs to the compact class of bikepacker handlebar rolls. With a length of only 40 cm, this waterproof handlebar bag is the right choice for bikepackers with off-road drop bars and both racing and hybrid-style handlebars. The compact Handlebar-Pack is also extremely lightweight.

Thanks to its additional drawstrings, the 15-liter pack gives you the option taking additional equipment with you on your trip.


+ Hooks for attaching an ORTLIEB Accessory-Pack
+ Also suitable for carbon handlebars
+ Mounting straps with convenient Velcro closures
+ Lightweight design
+ High luminosity 3M Scotchlite reflectors

 Túi ghidong Ortlieb / Handlebar Pack / 9L / Slate / F9931
 Túi ghidong Ortlieb / Handlebar Pack / 9L / Slate / F9931