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Túi sau Ortlieb / Back - Roller City / Black / F5002


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Tech Specs:
- Material: PD620/PS490
- Dimensions: H 42cm x W 23/32cm x D 17cm
- Fully waterproof panniers with roll closure & QL1 Mounting System
- Panniers are constructed of PD620 to front/rear & PS490 on the sides
- Compatible with all standard racks with a max diameter of up to 16mm
- 8mm & 11mm reduction inserts included
- Can be used individually or as a pair for the rear or front rack
- Abrasion protection on the rear left & right corners
- Highly reflective 3M Scotchlite reflectors
- Possibility to attach the Ortlieb Carrying System & Ortlieb Outer Pocket (Size S)
- Can be easily cleaned inside
- Weight 1520g (Pair)


Even without being in the great outdoors, the new Ortlieb Front Roller City give city bikers greater flexibility as they can be used on both the front or rear racks. The major advantage: the urban transport containers do not require any mounting. The innovative QL1 fixation system is easy to handle & the bags attach to the rack with one click. Before the first ride, the QL hook distance is adjusted with a no.3 Allen key & off you go. And if you want more, the affordable basics can be upgraded with numerous accessories. Both models are provided with edge protectors having slots for fixing the Ortlieb pannier carrying system.
 Túi sau Ortlieb / Back - Roller City / Black / F5002
 Túi sau Ortlieb / Back - Roller City / Black / F5002
 Túi sau Ortlieb / Back - Roller City / Black / F5002