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Túi trước Ortlieb/ Sport Roller Classic/ Asphalt - Black / F6305


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Application: City & Touring
Type: front
Compatibility: for racks with a diameter of max. 16 mm (reducers for 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm included)
Material: polyester fabric, PVC coated (PD620 and PS490)
Protection Rating: IP 64
Dimensions (HxWxD): 30 cm x 25 cm x 14 cm
Volume: 2 x 12.5 litres

Approved For:

Load Capacity (max.): 9 kg (per bag)


The Ortlieb Sport-Roller Classic panniers can be used in many ways as a small rear pannier, on the lowrider or as the first pannier on a children's bike. With the proven QuickLock2.1 tool-less adjustable mounting system, the bag is quickly attached to the bike, while you can carry it with you comfortably with the shoulder strap if necessary. The robust polyester fabric is waterproof thanks to the PVC coating and can take a lot of punishment. Reflectors on both sides provide increased visibility at dusk and in the dark. With the practical roll closure, which is secured by an additional plug fastener on the top, you always get your things quickly. Are you planning a tour or a day trip with the kids? The Sport-Roller Classic bicycle bag is ready!

To achieve protection class IP 64 (splash-proof from all directions), the closure must be rolled 3-4 times and attached downwards.


- with Quick-Lock2.1 mounting system
- upper QL hook and lower sliding hook adjustable without tools
- automatically closing QL2.1 hooks
- reducers and lower hook rail with anti-scratch function
- reflectors made of 3M Scotchlite reflective material on both sides
- integrated inner pocket
- can be used on the left or right due to its symmetrical shape
- usable as a small rear pannier or on the front lowrider
- optimal for use on children's and youth bikes
- easy to clean
- shoulder strap for comfortable carrying
- length of the risers approx. 75 cm
- edge protector with slots for back harness system (not included)
QL2.1 hooks for 20 mm racks sold separately
- Made in Germany
- IP 64 = dust-proof, no ingress of dust, protected from water splashing from any direction


Quick-Lock2.1 Mounting System
The Quick-Lock2.1 mounting system is based on the proven Quick-Lock2 system, but offers some improvements. The top rail, in which the optional anti-theft device can also be fitted, is made in one piece, which provides extra stability. On the inside, particularly flat nut washers are used, so the contents of the bag are hardly affected by them. The bag handle serves as a latch: If you lift the handle, the hooks open, if you let go, they close. The reducers for different pipe diameters are inserted laterally and thus remain safely in place. The two-component plastic with anti-scratch function, which is used for the lower rail in the form of a semi-ellipse, ensures soft contact surfaces and reduces friction on the rack. The lower hook can be variably adjusted and turned in 15-degree increments. It is easy to use: No tools are required for adjusting the hooks.

Anti-scratch function that protects against damage to the lower hook rail and the Quick-Lock hooks.


- 1 pair of Ortlieb Sport-Roller Classic panniers
- 2 x Ortlieb shoulder strap
- 4 x 8 mm reducers
- 4 x 10 mm reducers
- 4 x 12 mm reducers

 Túi trước Ortlieb/ Sport Roller Classic/ Asphalt - Black / F6305
 Túi trước Ortlieb/ Sport Roller Classic/ Asphalt - Black / F6305
 Túi trước Ortlieb/ Sport Roller Classic/ Asphalt - Black / F6305